Research and Development

This section introduces the research and development systems in place at Asahi Fiber Glass.

As a company that contributes to the environment, our mission is to achieve the development of comfortable environments, and continue to create products and technologies that lead the insulation and functional materials industries.

Research and Development Strategy

The spread and common acceptance of formaldehyde-free, odorless glass wool
Rapidly establish formaldehyde-free odorless glass wool as a core product.。
Advancement of fine fiber and high insulation technologies
Establish high efficiency production technologies such as fine fiber production and alignment control to promote the supply of high-performance products.
Advancement of compounding and foaming technologies
With a focus on Asahi Fiber Glass's own high-functionality glass, establish compounding production technologies to promote the supply of high-performance products.
Development of innovative technologies through open innovatio
Seek the development of innovative technologies by combining Asahi Fiber Glass's own technology with other technologies in the world.
Establishment of technological bases aimed at worldwide expansion
Work to build a technological database and develop human resources with regard to manufacturing techniques for glass fiber materials and composite materials, and expand worldwide.

Research and Development Roadmap

Research and Development Roadmap