Company History

1956November Asahi Glass and U.S. firm Owens Corning Corporation (current name) strike a deal, and Asahi Fiber Glass is established on November 1 after both companies application for the establishment of a co-financed company is approved.
1957November The Shonan Plant is constructed in Samukawa-machi, Kouza-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture and commences the manufacture and sale of long glass fiber products.
1959November Manufacture of glass wool products commences at the Shonan Plant.
1960January With the release of glass wool product, Asahi Fiber Glass becomes a comprehensive manufacturer of glass fiber engaged in the manufacture and sale of long glass fiber and short glass fiber (glass wool) products.
1962November U.K. firm Lloyds approves the use of our glass wool product as a flame retardant material for shipboard refrigerators. Thereafter, certifications are obtained from the following countries: N.V.N.S.C. (Norway), C.C.G. (Canada), D.O.T. (U.K.) S.B.G. (West Germany), N.K. (Japan), B.V. (France), S.N.A. (Sweden)
1993September Kyushu Plant becomes a Japan Industrial Standard-compliant plant (Authorization No. 893021) form man made mineral wool thermal insulation materials for dwellings (JIS A 9521).
1994October Head office is relocated to its current location (Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo).
1996January Owens Corning Corporation (current name) transfers all shares to Asahi Glass.
1999October Designated by the Minister of Health and Welfare as a designated wide-area recycling industrial waste processor for the recycling of glass wool product waste materials (cullet and waste ceramics) (Designation No. 31).
2000January Five long fiber items, Roving, Chopped Strand, Chopped Strand Mat, Continuous Strand Mat and Rubber Coated Yarn obtain ISO9001 certification.
February A wooden house thermal insulation method receives a rating commonly known as the Next-Generation Energy Saving Standard for Housing from the Institute for Housing and Construction Energy Conservation (Rating No. 406).
May Our glass wool product is the first glass wool insulation material to receive eco-mark certification from the Japan Environment Association.
2002January The Glass Wool business obtains ISO14001 certification. ISO9001 certification is obtained for Sheet Molding Compounds.
April Sales of fiber glass single roof materials commence. 
2004January Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics and Glass Masterbatches acquire ISO9001 certification.
April Sales commence for a formalin-free thermal insulation for housing.
2005February Glass wool products acquire ISO9001 certification.
2006May Long fiber business is transferred to U.S. firm Owens Corning Corporation (current name).
November Mold products (vehicle insulators) acquire ISO9001 certification. MF acquires ISO9001 certification.
2007April Sales commence for a formaldehyde-free thermal insulation.
November Asahi Fiber Glass separates from the Asahi Glass Group. Global Insulation Co., Ltd., a joint venture between the Development Bank of Japan and WISE PARTNERS, Inc., becomes shareholder.
2008February Sales commence for Vacuum Insulation Panel a vacuum thermal insulation material.
2011April Asahi Fiber Glass Insulation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is established in Shanghai, China.
2013March AFG Holdings Co., Ltd., a holding company by ORIX Corporation, becomes the major shareholder.
July Asahi Fiber Glass Co., Ltd. merges with AFG Holdings Co., Ltd..
2015June Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd. becomes a shareholder.