Procurement Information

Purchasing Policy

Our purchasing processes are implemented in accordance with the following basic principles.

  1. Legal and regulatory compliance
  2. Compliance with quality specifications for purchases formulated
  3. Compliance with environmental regulations, reduced environmental load and the promotion of procurement from suppliers actively engaged in environmental conservation
  4. Achievement of stable procurement of the procured items
  5. Appropriateness of purchase prices

Green Procurement

In recent years, global environmental issues have gained increased attention and companies have been held socially responsible. Looking ahead to the future, Asahi Fiber Glass, as a manufacturer of glass fiber thermal insulation materials, is also implementing business operations aimed at conservation of the global environment and the establishment of a recycling oriented society.

As a part of those efforts, to achieve environmentally-friendly products, action first has to be taken at the procurement stage for raw materials and the like, which serves as the "entryway" for these products. We consider the preferential purchasing of raw materials, systems, products and other things that place a limited load on the environment to be a form of environmental conservation within our business activities and also an important environmental conservation and preventative practice. The ongoing cooperation of all of our business partners is essential for the implementation and maintenance of this practice, and we consider it necessary to ask for their cooperation.


We procure purchases such as raw materials which meet our requirements from suppliers who engage in environmental conservation activities and chemical substance control.


As corporate activities:

  • Environmental conservation activities must be implemented based on an environmental management system.
  • A chemical substance control system must be established and operated.
  • Information on the chemical substances contained in purchases must be submitted.

Regarding the delivered products:

  • Investigative reports and certificates on the content of substances designated by Asahi Fiber Glass as banned or requiring reduced usage
  • Survey of heavy metal content
  • Certificate guaranteeing the products are free of chemical substances designated by RoHS, etc.


  • We evaluate investigative documents with regard to the requirements and, as a general rule, procure purchases of raw materials and other items when the requirements for both corporate activities and goods information are satisfied.
  • Based on the results of evaluations, we may switch to using raw materials that are safer or have less environmental load, request that a supplier make improvements, or conduct audits in that regard.

Documents Necessary for Submission -- When Commencing Trade --

When we start taking delivery of new materials, we ask that the following documents be submitted.

  • Raw Material Delivery Specification Sheet (standard format)
  • Certificate of Nonuse of Banned Substances
    Please submit a certificate of nonuse when the products, components or materials to be delivered do not contain any substances designated as banned substances or whose content of substances falls within the allowed threshold.
  • Environmental Activities Self-Evaluation Sheet
    Please undertake a self-investigation as a supplier evaluation.
  • Environmentally Harmful Substances
    Please submit after entering information on JAMP MSDSplus or AIS.
  • RoHS 6 Substance Analysis Data
    Please submit analysis data for RoHS 6 substances (Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr6+, PBB, PBDB).
  • GHS-version MSDS
    Please submit a sheet that includes information on the names of chemical substances, their physiochemical properties, hazards and cautions for handling, etc.

Suppliers Wanted

The Asahi Fiber Glass Purchasing Department looks forward to receiving new information or proposals regarding raw materials, glass cullet, materials (cover materials, packaging materials), on-site or off-site manufacturing and processing contractors, equipment and machinery.

Note that Asahi Fiber Glass purchases glass cullet from a wide range of sources (however this is limited to corporations and groups).

Our glass cullet purchases are not limited to specialist contractors; we purchase glass cullet following glass bottle collection from local governments in the Kanto area, recycling several thousand tons of glass each month, making more than a little contribution to the establishment of a recycling-oriented society.